Visualizing Education
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About the Project

Our class of Emily Carr design students will produce a collection of 16 interactive data visualizations that explore the past, present and speculate on the future of education in Canada. Each visualization will investigate a specific dataset and they will all be contained within one website – Visualizing Education.

By visualizing data each student will tell the stories of Creative Canadians by drawing comparisons between tuition fees, minimum wage, cost of living and impact on society. The visualizations will be engaging for the viewer, as they will be exploring it, rather than being told conclusions. Our goal is to reach persons for whom the cost of education is not an issue they worry about in their personal life, and through our work instill a sense of empathy for those who struggle to afford the education they deserve.

Through the interactive nature of the visualizations we intend to engage the viewer and create empathy, no matter the political beliefs. Our goal is to create awareness around the raising cost of education and how investments in education are worthwhile, but we want the viewer to draw these conclusions on his/her own while exploring the data, rather than being told. We believe this will have a more important impact and will result in more viewers sharing the project on social media.

Although we will offer an overview of the future of education, we will also approach this subject by displaying the benefits of education for the creative class, as they are often overlooked by the people in politics and in other fields. The creative class is increasingly playing an important role in societal changes and in economical viability, especially in the current political and environmental context. Therefore, it is important to include art and design schools in the conversation when it comes to the importance of post-secondary education.

We intend to reach a wider demographic by getting press on the website. It will be shared on all Emily Carr platforms (Website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). We will also have publicity (posters, ads) to create visibility on the website around Granville Island, Downtown, Kitsilano, and East Van. There will be an initial installation during the launch party, where computers and projectors will provide visibility and visual interest. This installation could then be set up in different locations.

Artist/Designer Profiles

We are a group of 16 Emily Carr students from all design disciplines: Interaction Design, Communication Design, Industrial Design, Interactive + Social Media Arts . We care about post-secondary education being accessible, valued, and effective, as we see its importance in our own journey. We are concerned about the direction education is taking and what impacts this will have on the society of tomorrow.



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Yuriy Kyrzov, Bri Kim, Jingjing Wang

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