#communication design #photography / Project Leads Yuriy Kyrzov, Bri Kim, Jingjing Wang

About the Project

“Trapped” is a guerilla campaign that delves into the dark side of student debt and explores themes of anxiety, pressure, burden and essentially the feeling of being inevitably trapped because of one’s student debt.

Artist/Designer Profiles

Yuriy Kyrzov is an Artist & Designer currently doing his Bachelors of Design with a major in Communication Design & minor in Art + Text at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, Canada. Yuriy is interested in art direction, publication design, sustainability, painting, photography and creating work that explores critical issues in relation to the environment, waste, consumerism and culture. Yuriy is currently the graphic designer for the Festival of Recorded Movement 2017, new Creative Director at WOO publication, and is on the Communications team for TEDxECUAD. Yuriy has previously done work for Adbusters Media Foundation and has been featured in art shows at the Rogatnick Media Gallery, The Concourse Gallery at ECUAD, Circle Craft Market, Cafe Deux Soleils & more. Yuriy’s goal as a designer and visual artist is to create work that eases and universalizes the process of communication and that tackles critical issues within society.

Instagram @yuriykyrzov

Bri Kim is a multidisciplinary designer currently in her third year of majoring Communication Design at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, BC. She is passionate about various streams of design including publication, art direction and branding. Throughout her design practices, she hopes to produce unique design and innovative solutions that fits into the context of our society. Her priority for her work is to establish visual appeal in design assets she creates. She takes time out of digital design life to develop other skills through her studies of cinematography and set design.

Instagram @brikimdesign

Jingjing Wang is a designer currently doing her Bachelor’s degree with a major in Communication Design at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, Canada. Coming from a background of classic graphic design, Jingjing spans interest from editorial design and art direction, to branding and styling. Jingjing was influenced by both eastern and western culture, she hopes to create her style of new fusion through blending multiple cultural contents and challenge traditional visual aesthetics. Jingjing’s goal as a designer is to strengthen people’s communication and understanding. She hopes to gain great experiences though her design practices, and be able to explore various fields through collaboration and productive making.

Instagram @eliwhen

Our Education Story:

Our education story incorporates both the perspectives of domestic and international students studying in the public post secondary system in British Columbia. Being a student is a rewarding, exploratory and of course an educational experience for all of us but at the same time is accompanied with stress, having to borrow money and maintain finances. Working multiple jobs while volunteering and going to school full time in order to fulfill the expectations of a student and build experience for the future ahead are also typical activities for us. If education were cheaper, or loans easier to forgive – or perhaps even being rewarded more for maintaining a good GPA and creating really interesting work would ease part of our burden in regards to finances and maintaining a healthy schedule.  We are privileged to have access to world class education and be able to have a voice to critique it and the post-secondary education system in Canada, we are also asking for the system to be more accessible, more affordable and more considerate of students? needs, health and lifestyles.

Dear Premier,

We would like to ask you what your priorities truly are in terms of post secondary education in BC? Is approving pipelines, pushing to extract LNG and essentially ignoring the raise of tuition and lack of funding for education in BC a beneficial route to take? We would like to say that even though post secondary education is not for everyone, having people educated gives back to society as a system and produces more productive and critical thought within a community. Education allows for people to push ideas passed presumptions, evolve theories and determine new concepts, and to improve environmental rights in order to live in a socially and physically sustainable society. We would like you to take time and reconsider where funding and thought is going in this province and where it can be further invested to achieve the best that this province and country can be.




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