Hello, My Student Debt Is…
#communication design / Project Leads Mo Qutob, Mona Fani & Samuel Sum

About the Project

The concept of this project high lights the relationship between student debt and identity, and it uses the familiar visual language of a nametag to draw the connection. The amount of debt will be a factor in choosing career paths, and will require that an individual take smaller risks, and limit the places where they can live. Our campaign will involve all students from secondary schools around the province. At student union buildings, nametag sticker sheets will be available for free, and they will have the same aesthetic as a classic red and white nametag.

These name tags will have the phrase “Hello, my student debt is.”

We are providing students with a blank canvas to share their debt stories. And as they leave the campuses wearing the name tags, members of the community will be able to visually see how many of their children, family members, neighbours, or friends are affected by student debt.

Artist/Designer Profiles

Mo Qutob is… A Communication Design student with a passion for socially engaged design.

Mona Fani is… A third year Film, Video and Integrated Media student and a Radio Emily personality

Sam Sum is… A third year Communication Design student with a keen interest in social change

Our Education Stories

Between the three of us, there is wide range of backgrounds, ages, and interests, but one thing we had in common was our mission to do our part for the future of post-secondary education.

Each of us is very familiar with the reality of working while attending university. it is a balancing act that sometimes leads to sacrifices on either front. Although the effort made now seems to be a good investment for our futures, student debts will definitely lower the value of that investment.

We believe that if enough people came together and took action, a real and feasible solution to rising student debt can be found.

Dear Premier…

We propose that the BC Government expand the loan forgivness program, to include graduates who work anywhere in BC.

Recent graduates in select in-demand occupations can have their B.C. student loans forgiven by agreeing to work at publicly funded health care facilities in underserved communities in B.C. expanding the program would include all communities in the province.



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Who Will Pay?

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