Applicant Information

Please add your contact information below. If you are proposing to work in a group, identify a project lead as main point of contact.

Proposed Project

Please upload a PDF document containing Images/Media which may include sketches, photo-collages, samples of previous artwork related to the project (up to 10 images MAXIMUM)
This could link to an online gallery or video (ex. Flickr, Vimeo) with media supporting your project proposal.
(750 word MAXIMUM)
250 word MAXIMUM
100 words MAXIMUM
Please provide simple week by week timeline demonstrating how you plan on realizing your concept by March 10, 2017.
The Pitch Session is a chance for applicants to present their proposal the the jury and audience.

About the Artists/Designers

My Education Story: Each artist involved on the project should describe their current experience as it relates to the cost of tuition, student debt, student loans, etc. How does the system as it presently exists affected you and your approach to education? (500 word MAXIMUM for each artist).
If you could speak to our Premier about Post-Secondary education, what would you say? (500 word MAXIMUM for each artist).