We invite all faculty to help us get the word out and increase our chances for quality submissions in the following ways:

  1. PROMOTE THE CONTEST and lead a short discussion in your class about how students may respond to the call given the unique nature of the course, i.e. How would an art direction class approach this? Animation? Humanities? Design? Etc.?
  2. DEDICATE ONE CLASS to holding a workshop that invites students to dialogue and brainstorm on how they would respond given the nature of the course.
  3. TAILOR YOUR FIRST ASSIGNMENT to meet the criteria and deadline (Feb. 2) of the contest while meeting your course learning objectives.

Download a sample project brief > future-of-education-intro-faculty

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The Future of Education Contest Team (Sarah Hay, Michael Markowsky, Peg Campbell & Rita Wong) are more than happy to visit your class and give a presentation on the issues and opportunities, and lead a discussion and brainstorm about the contest.