Round 1: Initial Project Proposals

Students (from all departments, years and levels) are invited to propose projects that respond to the question: What is the Future of Post-Secondary Education in BC? Possible projects could include:

PERSONAL STORIES: How have funding cuts and tuition increases affected you? If things don’t change, how will student debt affect your life and the decisions you make after graduation? If you could graduate “debt free,” or if tuition was free, what would your future look like?

CALLS TO ACTION: What could you do to make politicians and the public aware of the current situation? What could you do to motivate the public to vote for change? What could you do to get the attention of decision makers and inspire them address the issue of student debt, tuition costs, etc.

FACTS: The FPSE website contains statistics and data about our current Government’s approach to Post-Secondary education. How could this information be presented in a visceral, tangible way that would motivate politicians, voters and people like you to demand change? How can systemic critique be made compelling?

FICTION: What does the future of education in BC look like? Is it a dystopian scenario where only the rich can attend College and University, and the rest of the population are left out in the cold? Or could you imagine an alternate future where all British Columbians can access Post-Secondary education and pursue their dreams? How do both of these possibilities affect the economy, culture and general population?

Proposed artworks could be created in ANY MEDIA (i.e. photography, film/video, animation, painting, illustration, sculpture, industrial design, video game, ceramic, performance, flash mob, installation, new media, communication design, exhibition design, speculative design, text based, audio piece, etc.), and could be abstract, representational, journalism, science fiction, etc.

Click here for submission process.


Students must submit their PDF entries by 10pm on Monday, February 6th, 2017. No entries will be accepted after the deadline.


On Wednesday, February 8 (11:30-12:30), ECUAD students will have 3-minutes to “pitch” their proposals to the ECUAD Faculty Association. Students are not required to present their submissions, but it is a chance for them to speak directly to the jury who will decide which ten projects will be funded. Up to 10 winners will be announced Friday February 10.

Round 2: Final Project Funding + Prize Money

In total, $20,000 to be awarded to to students – in production budget and prize money. It will be distributed in the following way:

Students may apply for up to $5,000 in funding per project. The Contest Jury (members of Emily Carr Faculty Association) will select up to 10 winners, and distribute $10,000 among the selected winners to produce their projects.

  • The budget may be spent on materials, printing, props, equipment rentals, compensation for assistants, crew, actors, designers, fabricators, etc.

Upon delivery of completed projects, in time for the LAUNCH PARTY, they will each receive $1,000 to spend as they wish!


All project leaders must provide 2 to 3 high resolution images of their completed works (300 dpi, RGB and CMYK jpeg files, 2560×1440 pixels). Students can provide their own images or the Contest Coordinators can document your work for you.


During production phase, the contest coordinators will be helping creating video shorts highlighting each project as they develop – through interview, time lapse, etc. These videos will be screened during the Launch Party and hosted on the Contest website.


The 10 Finalists must submit their completed artworks on Friday, March 10th.
Emily Carr Faculty Association will consult with project leads with feedback, suggested revisions, etc.


Students will retain ownership over their content, but as part of their signed contract, they understand that they are providing the Emily Carr Faculty Association and FPSE a royalty free licence to use their artworks, videos, photographs and other resulting media to help promote the Future of Education Contest. Images and Videos will be uploaded to Emily Carr FA accounts and hosted by our websites. Student creators (and their collaborators) will be given full credit and recognition on the website and wherever else possible.

Students understand that by entering into the contest that their projects will be made public, and that their stories (fact or fiction) will be disseminated into the public realm. Their entries will be used to help the Emily Carr Faculty Association advocate for the importance of Post-Secondary education, and in particular the power and value of an Art School education.


After projects have been completed, in mid-March, Emily Carr Faculty Association will host the “Future of Education” campaign LAUNCH PARTY. We will invite any and all of the Provincial political candidates in our area (as well as Federal and Civic politicians, media, decision makers, etc.) to attend and view the artworks submitted by our ten finalists. Each Finalist (individuals and/or teams) will have a chance to present their projects, and will be awarded $1,000 (pending successful completion).