The Future of Education Contest is an Emily Carr University Faculty Association initiative with support from Federation of Post Secondary Educators and Open the Doors – a provincial campaign that addresses BC’s post-secondary education funding crisis.

The project coordinators are Sarah Hay and Michael Markowsky.


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  • Rita Wong and Peg Campbell for conceiving of an Emily Carr specific contest and providing guidance and leadership throughout the course of the project.
  • Haig Armen, Alex Hass, Peg Campbell, Rita Wong for leadership and guidance in setting up contest, writing and publishing, promoting it with students and faculty, participating on jury and helping to make launch party a success!
  • Alex Hass and her COMD 303 for piloting a course project which helped to develop the brief and framework for the contest.
  • Alyse Goodacre, Haile Scaletta, Cathy Yang, Siqi Li, Anna Djerfi for developing overall design language used in contest collateral.
  • Tara Mahoney of GenWhy Media and Creative Publics for leading workshop on strategies for election projects.
  • Oddity Kombucha for bringing kombucha to our info sessions and workshops.